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Grill Chicken with the help of Gas Grill

Almost everyone loves the chicken, whether they are children or an adult. It’s easy to prepare and take less time than beef or lamb to cook. Fried chicken is the most common way in which chicken is eaten, but it’s unhealthy, deep frying food can cause many diseases. The best way to enjoy chicken is by gas grilling, its healthy and will surely taste. If you don’t believe me then gave it try, you will surely be astonished. Today we will discuss the recipe of the most delicious grilled chicken that you have ever tasted.

To cook your chicken, first of you will need to marinate it for about two hours. So start to prepare your spice rub first. For your spice rub you will need, salt and pepper, cumin powder, red pepper flakes, turmeric, grounded cumin seeds, garlic and ginger paste, and a garam masala. Mix all of these spices together, than add lemon juice and yogurt and mix it to form the paste, now taste the paste to ensure that all the spices are balanced. Now, drizzle olive oil of the chicken pieces and score the chicken. Then rub the paste properly all over the chicken. You can take any pieces of the chicken, whether boneless or not, but make sure to buy your chicken along with its skin. It will make your chicken even more crispier. If you are using chicken breast, make sure to even the thickness by placing them under the plastic wrap and then lightly pound it with a heavy skillet or meat mallet. Let the chicken marinate in refrigerator for at least two hours.

Start the preparation for the gas grill at least fifteen minutes before when your chicken’s pieces are done the marinting.  To start your gas grill, turn all the gas knobs and make sure you have enough propane in your cylinder, otherwise if you have a supply of natural gas, there no need to worry. Ignite the fire with the help of lighter and let the grates of the gas grill to get hot for about ten minutes on high heat. Make sure to clean the grates of the gas grill and spray some oil on them.

Now set the heat of the gas grill to medium high and then place the chicken on the direct heat, skin side down first at about an angle of forty-five degree against the best gas grills to get a diamond shaped sear on the chicken. Let them cook for five minutes each side without moving them, to crisp up the surface. Now after three minutes change the angle of the chicken to opposite side so that you can get diamond shaped sear. After that flip the chicken with the help of thongs and repeat the same step.

Now once you got the crisp outside, let the chicken be cooked from inside on a medium low flame for about ten to twelve minute for boneless chicken and   twenty minutes for thigh, wings and drumsticks. Meanwhile you melt the butter and add chopped coriander over them and mix, now brush the mixture on the both side of the chicken just before taking them out.

How to Save time and money using a Pressure Cooker

Napoleon Bonaparte identified the way of feeding his troops through pressure cooking to save time and money. However, these days many people do not cook for large audience in pressure cooker. The pressure cooker is instead presently used at homes for family or friends. Cooking food or making meal is fun but no one wants to waste time in the kitchen rather everyone prefers to stay with friends and enjoy their time.

Cost Saving

No one can deny the tremendous energy savings through pressure cooking as compared to traditional cooking methods. In this regards, the cost of buying a pressure cooker is said to be paid back in just a year keeping in mind the energy savings it makes. Some researchers assert that a quality pressure cooker can potentially lead to annual savings of over $300 of energy costs.

Time Saving

Typically, pressure cooking can reduce the cooking time to one third though it depends on the food item and the altitude where the food is being cooked. Nonetheless, there is no contradiction that pressure cooking can cook foods in a fraction of time and is very effective when it comes to cooking whole chicken, chili, beef stew, baked yams, artichokes, roasted or boiled potatoes, risotto, brown rice, pot roast, and black beans. Individuals with a busy life and professional cooks who prepare meals for gatherings or a large family cannot do their jobs in the absence of a pressure cooker that allows them to quickly cook meals with pressure.


Other Benefits

Apart from the tremendous time and cost savings, a pressure cooker can also have other benefits and could potentially enhance the cooking in many ways. It ensures that food nutrients are retained within the food and flavors are also enhanced relative to other methods. Moreover, you can also cook low fat foods using a pressure cooker as it does not require oil or fats for cooking. Pressure cookers are easy to use and convenient and are available in various models, sizes, and prices and you can select the one that optimally matches your needs and preferences. I find this website helpful to learn more about best pressure cooker reviews Modern pressure cookers come equipped with a number of safety features and stainless steel models could even be cleaned easily. Keeping in mind the amount and quality of food that a pressure cooker can handle and the cost and time savings it offers, it is vital that a quality model is selected.

What Makes A Good Countertop Blender?

Are you a smoothie lover? If you are, the first thing you need in your kitchen is a countertop blender. Even if you don’t drink smoothies every day, countertop blenders can help you with so much more. Making baby food, pureeing soups and sauces, making homemade salad dressings or nut butter are all possible if you have a blender at your service.  If you go out looking for blenders in the market you will be baffled with the choices available. Many manufacturers have started producing these blenders and many choices are available which gives you the convenience to choose something depending completely on your preferences.

However, when selecting a blender, you need to keep some features in mind to make the best choice. Here’s what you need to look for:


The higher the power of the blender, the quicker and easier it will be to blend the ingredients. If you plan on making a lot of smoothies with your blender, buy one with a power of 600 watts or greater. The most powerful blenders with their motors rated around 1200 watts cost more. For use at home, however, around 600 watts would work fine and serve all your purposes with ease.


The base should be made of durable plastic and one that is easy to wipe clean. Furthermore, the base should be sturdy and stable to prevent the blender from moving or vibrating when blending tough ingredients.


The jug can be of plastic or glass. Most people prefer a plastic jug as it is cheaper, lighter, and less susceptible to breakage as compared to glass jugs. Make sure that the jug of blender is made from BPA-free plastic as it is considered safer for food.


Different blenders come with different attachments to serve additional purposes. Take some time to consider whether you need all those added features. It is not wise to pay for the features that you would rarely use. Furthermore, check to see if the attachments are easy to attach and detach.

Easy To Clean:

The jar and the blades of blender should preferably be dishwasher safe to allow for hassle free cleanup. It is a plus if the blades can separate from the blender jar so that you can easily remove the food that gets stuck to the blades find out more about this here for blender reviews and types of material used in the making of jug.. Touch pad control is preferred as compared to buttons as it is easier to clean. With buttons, food gets stuck between them and it becomes difficult to take it off.


Your blender should come with a good warranty so that you can save yourself from the trouble of expensive repairs if it experiences damage. 1 year warranty is a must, but high-end blenders offer you warranty of over 5 to 9 years. If you have the budget, it would definitely be a wiser option to go for a longer warranty.